Open the rar files are in password

Have you ever experienced something similar, when we download files rar / zip from the internet or we are given from a friend, and when we want to open it in the password file.

yesterday I tried to find alternative open RAR files / zip in your password. I finally found a few ways, first we use the Setup Dziobas Rar Player 0.009.37 This is an application to open an existing file in the rar, but I failed to use them. who want to try to make please download:Click here

The second one uses Advanced_RAR_Password_Recovery_1.53.rar, this application to search / retrieve passwords from a file. RAR extension. but I'm pretty bored too when running the application, to a RAR file takes a pretty good aja. make that would try to please download:
Click here

Third, this according to me quite easy / easiest way for us simply by googling or yahoo. we are doing enough to write the name of the file RAR / zip aja in his search tab google or yahoo. an example I downloaded yesterday It fits my RSDirect dipassword open file.

ways like that: RSDirectDownload3.2_FunkyType.com_.rar + pass

result like this:

Any question,leave your question on comment box!


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