Multy socket v2.0

Flooder buat mig33 juga ini! silahkan saja kamu mencobanya dah capek share applikasi floodernya coz applikasi flooder maupun kicker buat mig33 emang banyak banget...tak jauh beda dengan tools atau software flooder lainya,ini juga cukup ampuh untuk mengacak2 room.

Multy socket v2.0

- 15 IDs Login
- 3Sets Save ID
- Auto Getlist
- Auto Entry
- List Kick
- Auto EmotCommend Flood
- Auto Dc Code Flood
- Activate Auto Flood
- Unlimited Auto Text Flood
- Single ID Enter Leave Flood
- Save Room

- Dont try all auto flood in same time and when start auto flood
- Dont send any flood command, If send soft getting hanged
- Dont press altime AUTO ENTRY. When need, only then time CLICK Auto entry
- And after some time unchek da auto entry



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